Detroit Divorce AttorneyIf you could choose, what would you want your divorce to look like? Would you rather spend your time fighting over every detail, or work quickly to get a settlement?

Cordes Law, PLLC, takes a more sophisticated approach to solving tough cases.  Through skillful negotiation we help you reach a resolution quickly which helps you save both time and money. Our goal is to manage your conflict, not create more.

Divorce does not have to mean constant fighting and long drawn-out legal battles. While some divorce cases do have to be settled in court, we believe that ongoing conflict can take a toll on our clients, both financially and emotionally, and trial should be the last resort, not the first. Often, much of the conflict between divorcing couples arises from the fear and uncertainty of what will happen next. Using a process-oriented, step-by-step plan to help you understand what needs to be done, and when, Cordes Law, PLLC works to manage both parties’ expectations to get you through your case with dignity and respect.

Your divorce is unique, and you need solutions that match your specific situation. When conflict is unavoidable, Cordes Law, PLLC will be your vigorous advocate in court, however, the first goal is to try to create carefully negotiated agreements that provide for your needs and the needs of your children. Working together for a reasonable solution will make a more durable agreement that endures for years to come.

If you have questions about your situation, feel free to give us a call for a complimentary consultation at (248) 660-0789 to see how we can help you meet your goals.